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LCBF Episode 11 - Brian Draney -Cornerstone Custom Painting & Palmetto Pools


n Episode 11 of "Loans Can Be Fun," Brian Draney, owner of Cornerstone Custom Painting and Palmetto Pools, joins the podcast to share his entrepreneurial journey.

Episode 11 of the "Loans Can Be Fun" podcast features a conversation with Brian Draney, the owner of Cornerstone Custom Painting and Palmetto Pools. Brian, a close friend of the host from high school, shares his journey of entrepreneurship, starting with his painting business and eventually branching into the pool industry. Brian's story begins in college, where he started the painting business with a roommate who had experience in the field. He discusses the growth of the business, initially focusing on painting apartment complexes before moving into residential and commercial spaces. Brian highlights his commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which helped him build a reputation for high-end painting services. The discussion shifts to the launch of Palmetto Pools. Brian explains that the idea came from his own experience of building a pool in his backyard and recognizing the demand and opportunity in the pool industry. He mentions that the poor customer service prevalent in the pool industry motivated him to start his own pool company, applying the same business principles he used in his painting business. Brian details the expansion of his pool business, including the challenges and learning experiences along the way. He emphasizes the importance of communication

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