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LCBF Episode 12 - Jon Clayton - Supra Chiropractic


John Clayton from Supra Chiropractic discusses starting his practice in 2020. He specializes in treatments like dry needling and muscle scraping for long-term solutions, aiming for patient education and transparency.

In this podcast episode, the hosts welcome John Clayton from Supra Chiropractic, a specialist in the field who started his practice in February 2020. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Supra Chiropractic managed to thrive due to low overhead costs and a loyal patient base, especially among pregnant women. John Clayton discusses the unique approach of his chiropractic services, including personalized treatments that aim to resolve issues rather than encourage perpetual visits. He shares insights into various techniques like dry needling and muscle scraping, emphasizing his focus on providing relief and long-term solutions to patients. Clayton also explains the choice behind his business name, aiming for a brand that stands out and can potentially be franchised. The conversation highlights Supra Chiropractic's modern approach to bookings and appointments, offering a straightforward and accessible way for patients to seek care. Throughout the episode, Clayton's commitment to transparency, efficacy, and patient education shines through, making his practice a recommended choice for those in need of chiropractic services.

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