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LCBF Episode 17 - Jordan Spicer - Jordan Spicer and Assiciates


Jordan Spicer discusses the nuances of insurance, emphasizing the importance of proper liability coverage, debunking myths about "full coverage," and the need for annual policy reviews.

In this podcast episode, Jordan Spicer from Farm Bureau Financial Services discusses the intricacies of various insurance policies, including home, auto, life, and business insurance. He emphasizes the common misunderstanding about "full coverage" in auto insurance, which many believe covers all aspects but actually only pertains to physical damage. Jordan highlights the importance of adequate liability coverage and how it should align with one's net worth to protect assets effectively. Additionally, he touches on life insurance, expressing a personal passion for it due to its crucial role in family protection upon unforeseen events. He also notes the pitfalls of employer-provided life insurance, which often doesn't cover as comprehensively or long-term as private policies. Jordan further explains recent hikes in insurance rates, attributing them to increased claim costs due to inflated used car prices, post-pandemic economic effects, and heightened storm-related losses nationwide. He ends by stressing the value of annual insurance reviews to adjust coverage as personal circumstances and market conditions change.

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